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    Targeted Technology Offers Improved Intrauterine Bioavailability of Hormone

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    We are an accomplished team of scientists, physicians and business professionals who are focused upon improving pregnancy outcome in reproductive medicine. Our sole purpose is to resolve the problem of failed embryonic implantation (which is the main hurdle in achieving pregnancy in IVF) and ultimately encourage Single Embryo Transfer (SET) to obtain a healthy singleton pregnancy for an infertile couple.

    The Incintas Advantage

    Sustained Intrauterine Bioavailability of Necessary Hormone

    compared to conventional uterine preparation methods (iM injection, vaginal rings and perivaginal gels/tablets) currently offered to women for IVF

    Conventional methods of uterine preparation are inferior to Incintas' targeted (*Patented) method of intrauterine (IU) administration of hormone prior to embryo transfer. Incintas' bioengineered IU approach sustains endometrial biomarker expression up to three times longer by dramatically extending the Window of Implantation, while not exceeding the IU upper threshold limit that actually hinders implantation similar to a contraceptive (as occurs in many conventional uterine preparations).

    *Exclusive, patented administration of hormone into the human uterus, until year 2032, US Patent #9107696, (EU IP pending - PCT).

    For the layperson, non-scientist - current IVF uterine preparation methods are like trying to treat an ailment of the eye with an IV drip instead of an eyedropper. Yet, for nearly four decades this is exactly what reproductive medicine has been doing. It's time for this field of medicine to catch up with the rest and realize the immense benefits of targeted genomic therapeutics.



  • Executive Partners

    On a mission to help millions of fertility challenged families

    Jesse Pizolato


    Michael Barton


    Kun Zoo Kim, MD


  • Scientific Partners

    The Experts Behind Incintas Therapeutics, Inc.

    Carlo Bulletti, MD, CSO

    IVF Luminary

    Dr. Carlo Bulletti is Director of the Physiopathology Unit of Reproduction at Rimini General Hospital, University of Bologna, Italy. He has authored 10 medical text books, 130 medical book chapters and more than 160 scientific articles.


    Robert Taylor,

    MD, PhD, CMO

    Endometriosis Luminary

    Dr. Robert N. Taylor is a Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Wake Forest Medical Center. He has authored numerous scientific articles in reproductive medicine and is a world renown expert in endometriosis science.

    Sarah Berga, MD, Scientific Advisor

    Executive Director of Women's Health, Wake Forest Medical Center, Winston-Salem, NC

    Dr. Sarah Berga is Chair and Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Wake Forest Medical Center