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    The thought of starting a family via IVF shouldn't be a dream, it should be a tangeable reality.

    Goodbye 30% fertility plateau.

    Incintas is about to replace you with much better odds to achieve pregnancy in assisted reproduction.

    IVF / IUI / Artificial Insemination / Timed Intercourse



    Driving cutting edge technology by resolving what every other technology is trying to monitor: uterine receptivity.

    Incintas refines the way we prepare the uterus by using sustained, controlled-release targeted hormonal therapeutics.

  • What is Known: 

    It is imperative for the "Window of Implantation" to be open in order for pregnancy to be achieved both in healthy pregnancy and in ART, (including IVF, IUI, AI and timed intercourse treatment). When this window is closed, pregnancy is impossible because the embryo cannot implant into the uterine lining.


    Did you know?

    The current Implantation Window in ART

    is only "open" for 24 hours on average, compared to 5-6 days in healthy pregnancy? This fact is clinically validated and more importantly, the rate-limiting factor in achieving

    live birth rate in assisted reproduction.






    DISCOVERY: Endometrial receptivity is a function of the proper concentration of progesterone within the uterine lining. Failed embryonic implantation and pregnancy is the result of too little or too much progesterone within the uterus.


    FINDINGS: When exogenous progesterone administration reaches an ideal concentration range within uterine tissue, pregnancy occured at an 81.5% rate.


    There exists a very narrow hormonal concentration range in order to achieve ideal pregnancy outcome (80%+ per transfer).

    These findings are clinically validated from clinical endometrial biopsy concentration analysis gathered from

    the ER-Map Studies (Enciso, et. al., 2016/2018) that measured progesterone concentration within the following phases: "Pre-receptive - Receptive - Post-receptive".


    For the first time in reproductive medicine we now know the narrow concentration range parameters

    necessary to achieve implantation and pregnancy by measuring endometrial P concentration within uterine tissue - not serum concentrations, which have misled our understanding of receptivity since the first IVF baby was born in 1978. It's no wonder that the fertility plateau has existed

    for more than four decades.......we've been preparing the uterus for hopeful implantation in a barbaric systemic way since the begining by administering P to the outside of the uterus.

    It's time for a change to achieve optimal receptivity within the uterus.



    Incintas Therapeutics has patented a novel Intrauterine Route of Administration in assisted reproduction

    to sustain and control the ideal concentration of progesterone within uterine tissue to replicate

    these clinical findings with the goal of cornering the market of this advanced means

    of uterine preparation and improved fertility outcome.

    Incintas Therapeutics' technology is able to directly modulate endometrial receptivity using controlled release therapeutics that are targeted to the inside of the uterus, (not the bloodstream).


    Unlike all other IVF products on the market,

    Incintas' technology doesn't monitor embryonic receptivity,

    it directly modulates it.



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    About Us


    "We intend to move the needle pretty far in assisted reproduction by focusing upon failed implantation."

    Incintas Therapeutics is comprised of an accomplished team of scientists, physicians, geneticists and business professionals who are focused upon improving pregnancy outcome in reproductive medicine.

    Our sole purpose is to resolve the problem of failed embryonic implantation (the main hurdle in achieving pregnancy in IVF) to ultimately encourage Single Embryo Transfer (SET) which is more likely to result in a healthy singleton pregnancy for the infertile couple.



  • Executive Partners

    On a mission to help millions of fertility challenged families

    Jesse Pizolato


    Founding Partner

    Michael Barton


    Founding Partner

    Kun Zoo Kim, MD

    Founding Partner

  • Scientific Partners

    The Experts Behind Incintas Therapeutics' Breakthrough Technology

    Carlo Bulletti, MD, CSO

    IVF Luminary

    Dr Carlo Bulletti is Associate Professor Adjunct at Yale University, New Haven (Ct) USA and Director of an IVF program at Extra Omnes Medical Center in Cattolica (Italy). He has authored 10 medical text books 130 medical book chapters and more than 200 scientific articles.


    Robert Taylor,

    MD, PhD, CMO

    Endometriosis Luminary

    Robert N. Taylor is
    Professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Assistant Dean and Director of the MD-PhD Program at University of Buffalo.



    Santiago Munné, PhD


    Health Ventures

    PhD in Human Biology from the University of Pittsburgh and a degree in Biology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. COO at Overture Life. Founder of: Reprogenetics, Recombine, Phosphorus, MedAnswers, Overture Life, G1 Sciences. Advisory Board (currently): Overture Life, Phosphorus, MedAnswers, PreVivo, G1 Sciences.

    José Horcajadas, PhD


    Health Ventures

    PhD in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry from the Autonomous University of Madrid. He has solid experience in the field of Human Reproduction Genetics, especially in the area of endometrial receptivity, genomics, transcriptomics, implantation and embryo viability.

    David Cotán, PhD


    Health Ventures

    Doctor in Biotechnology and Degree in Environmental Sciences from the University Pablo de Olavide (Seville). Entrepreneur, specialized in technical direction and project management in the field of rare diseases, reproduction and enzyme scaling in the Andalusian Centre for Developmental Biology.

    Delfí Torns


    Health Ventures

    CEO Programme by IESE, MBA by la Salle University, Bachelor of Arts Degree by UOC, Business studies degree and Tourism business studies by the University of Barcelona. More than 25 years of executive experience, half of them as Managing Director. Active business angel, writer, business consultant, and independent advisor.




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    Mitchell V. Pizolato,

    Nov. 23 -Nov. 29, 2000.

    Multiple IVF Birth















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    Lance D. Pizolato

    Nov. 23 - Dec. 1, 2000

    Multiple IVF Birth

    Rest in Peace, my dear sons.